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Contact Form Script

This PHP script is a fully functioning contact form which can be easily installed on your own website
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9 July 2014

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This code package creates contact forms for websites.

Web-based businesses are kind of impersonal. To succeed in the game, you want to provide visitors as many opportunities to make contact as possible. Website based contact forms are an essential part of such efforts. Visitors/prospects provide contact details, and any other information that you need. It is essential that people from your organization make contact as soon as possible. A contact form requires careful design, based on the details you want to gather. There could be many aspects of your business you would like to test. Thus, a contact form that can be customized could really be very handy for website designs. This code package is based on PHP and lets you integrate the desired kind of contact form into your site. This script package requires that you have PHP5 installed.

This is a fully functional contact form generator. Since the code is not encrypted, you can make any changes you think is necessary. It offers three different styles of contact forms that can be added to your website. The difference in styles is in the color scheme essentially; structure of the form remains the same. In one of the formats most commonly used in sites; name, email address, subject and a space for writing details are provided. Complete form validation code is included in the package. Changing variables is simple through the configuration file provided. Using the form does not require a database to be added. This is a good tool.

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This PHP script is a fully functioning contact form which can be easily installed on your own website. It enables users to contact you directly by filling out the form. The PHP script is completely FREE to use, and none of the code is encoded allowing you to alter and change the script in anyway you like. Our FREE PHP website contact form script allows your website visitors to easily contact you via the site. It comes with full PHP validation, A modern clean CSS template, and is easily installed onto your own website.
Contact Form Script
Contact Form Script
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